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JJC DSLR Polyester Bag Lens Camera


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  • Description

    JJC DSLR Polyester Bag Lens Camera Accessories Case for Canon 80D 6D 60D 750D 760D Nikon D7200 D7100 D5500 D5300 SLR Protector 

    Compatible with

    The following has listed part of compatible cameras with lenses.

    Canon 80D + 18-135mm lens

    Nikon D7200 + 18-140mm lens

    Canon 80D + 18-200mm lens

    Nikon D7200 + 18-105mm lens

    Canon 6D + 24-105mm lens

    Nikon D7200 + 18-200mm lens

    Canon 60D + 18-135mm lens

    Nikon D7100 + 18-140mm lens

    Canon 60D + 18-200mm lens

    Nikon D7100 + 18-105mm lens

    Canon 60D + 24-70mm f4 lens

    Nikon D7100 + 18-200mm lens

    Canon 750D + 18-55mm lens

    Nikon D5500 + 18-140mm lens

    Canon 750D + 18-135mm lens

    Nikon D5500 + 18-105mm lens

    Canon 750D + 18-200mm lens

    Nikon D5300 + 18-140mm lens

    Canon 760D + 18-55mm lens

    Nikon D5300 + 18-105mm lens

    Canon 760D + 18-135mm lens

    Nikon D5600 + 18-140mm lens

    Canon 760D + 18-200mm lens

    Nikon D7500 + 18-140mm lens

    Canon 77D + 18-135mm lens

    Canon 77D + 18-55mm lens

    Canon 77D + 55-250mm lens

    Canon 800D + 18-55mm lens

    KIWIFOTOS OC-10 Camera Bag, made of weather resistant polyester fabric, is to store and protect your camera from dust, moisture, scratches, and impact. The camera bag is lightweight and durable. The interior and front accessory zippered pockets allow you to store camera accessories. The camera bag adopts touch fastener and zippered closure to secure your camera and accessories. Equipped with soft interior padding, the camera bag is effective to protect your camera and accessories from accidental impact. The movable touch fastened divider is designed to configure the interior when you need. The camera bag provides three carrying options for you to choose: an adjustable, removable shoulder strap, an adjustable belt and a polyester loop for carrying by hand. 

    Product Highlights

    Ideal for storing and transporting a camera with a lens and accessories

    Weather resistant polyester fabric 

    Interior padding for cushioning

    Interior and front accessory zippered pockets

    Touch fastener and zippered closure

    A movable touch fastened divider to configure the interior

    Provides three carrying options for you

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