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RGB Sunset Protection Lamp with Bluetooth

R2670.83 to R4911.61
  • Emitting Color:

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  • Description

    This is a RGB remote control sunset lamp, it can keep the sunset and the rainbow in your life, so that you can see the rainbow and the sunset anytime, anywhere.
    People can only live once, you should have a more colorful life and record your life with a camera. Don’t hesitate, you need such a sunset projection lamp.

    We provide three products,
    —Bluetooth APP sunset lamp You can download the APP by scanning the QR code, and you can use the APP to change the light on and off, the color of the light, the flashing mode, adjust the brightness, music rhythm, timing, etc.
    —-Remote control sunset lamp You can use the remote control to adjust the color of the static light, adjust the brightness, and change the flashing mode.
    —a usb lamp: just a usb sunset lamp, very small and easy to carry.

    —-10W power: The power of the Bluetooth APP and remote control models are both 10W, and the products on the market are 5W sunset lights. The 10W sunset light is brighter and the colors are more colorful.
    —-Bluetooth APP: It is controlled by Bluetooth and remote control. When the remote control is lost, you can also use APP to control it.

    —-The length of the USB cable is 1.5m.
    —-The remote control battery is 2*AAA battery (not included).

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