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Sky Rover 60mm f / 6 ed apo multifunctional telescope

R10146.07 to R13498.28
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  • Description

    Product parameters

    Model: 60ed apo multifunctional telescope

    Diameter: 60mm

    Focal length: 360mm

    Coke ratio: F / 6

    Optics: Double separation achromatic structure and a piece of ED glass made in Japan

    Coating: ultra wideband multilayer coating

    Magnitude: limiting magnitude

    Focusing: 2-inch toothed two speed focusing seat, rear focusing image rotator CAA, stroke 75mm

    Mirror body: made of aluminum alloy, telescopic hood

    Size: the baffle shrinks about 230mm and extends about 300mm

    Testing equipment:zygo

    Weight: OTA about 1.5kg

    Standard configuration: 2-inch to 1.25-inch coupling barrel, L-shaped mirror hoop and star searching mirror base are provided as standard

    Sky Rover optics newly launched 60ed apo multi-function telescope, with excellent optics, compact and portable mirror body, less than 2kg in weight, so that you can travel to observe and shoot, which is no longer physical work, and enjoy the starry sky better. It uses a piece of super ed glass made in Japan. After careful processing and adjustment, it provides excellent phase difference correction. The image field rotator is integrated at the end of the focusing tube, which is convenient for composition in shooting. The flat field mirror with threaded connection can ensure the stability of the optical axis. Specially designed for 60ed, the 1x flat field mirror can meet the needs of full frame shooting and provide good imaging.

    Basic structure

    (1) Eyepiece end     (2) star finder slot     (3) hoop     (4) main lens barrel     (5) light shield     (6) fast focusing hand wheel     (7) focusing seat     (8) fine focusing hand wheel     (9) dovetail plate

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    Photos from Philippine buyers

    Observing the moon

    Observing the sun

    Observing planets

    Deep space photography

    User testing

    1X PHOTO FLATTENER for 60ED APO Ordinary mirror

    Please click here


    Each mirror has its own Zygo test report and factory SN

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