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SVBONY SV503 Professional Astronomical Telescope

R219291.51 to R297503.70
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    Astronomical accessories product recommendation, click to buy.

    SVBNOY SV503 102/714 ED Extra Low Dispersion Achromatic Refractor OTA Micro-reduction RAP Focuser for Astrophotography

    SV503 102F7 ED Astronomical Telescopes OTA

    ED Glass: S-FPL51
    SMC (Super Multi-coating) Objective
    Dual-speed Rack and Pinion Focuser
    1.17 Arc-second Resolution
    CNC Machined Technology.
    Compatible with all 1.25”/2” accessories

    Extra-low Dispersion Glass: S-FPL51

    ED(Extra-low Dispersion) S-FPL51 is built in SV503 astronomical telescope. ED glass minimizes the effects of the secondary spectrum and reduces chromatic aberration to a remarkable degree. The high-quality 2-Element objective provides sharp and high-contrast images for travel and mobile use.

    Ultra-wideband SMC

    SMC is claimed as a remarkable seven-layer lens coating process that cuts the reflection ratio down to just 0.2% per lens surface. The result is a dramatic improvement in both color fidelity and brightness and the elimination of flare and ghost images.

    Dual-speed Rack and Pinion Focuser

    The gear ratio of the dual speed 2-inch toothed focuser is 1: 10, which makes it easy to achieve accurate focus. The dual speed focuser can provide two focusing speeds by using a set of co-axial knobs, one for fast focusing and the other for fine focusing.

    90mm Back Focus

    The 90 mm back focus and 360 degree adjustable focuser are sufficient for your astrophotography needs, allowing perfect framing of your astrophotography. And the 2″ RAP (rack and pinion) focuser holds more-than-5kg heavy photographic accessories safely.

    1.17 Arc-second Resolution

    The SV503 ED astronomical telescope can reach 1.17 angular seconds to let you see finer details either in astronomy or wildlife viewing.

    Comes With a 2″-1.25″ Adapter

    The telescope scope focuser comes with a 2 inch to 1.25 inch adapter. So that you could also use all your 1.25 inch accessories with the SV503 telescope.

    CNC Machined Technology

    Metal Hoop with Dovetail

    The SV503 comes standard with adjustable tube rings and dovetail which allows it to attach to most telescope mounts. In addition, there are 1/4 inch threaded holes on the dovetail plate to attach to tripods and M6 holes on top of the tube rings to attach a guide scope.

    Well Protected

    SV503 102mm are suited for those in astrophotography who want to observe binaries, compact nebulae, and star clusters. Besides, it is also suited for those to pick up more details about planets.


    1.Type: Refractor
    2.Type of build: Doublet air spaced achromatic
    3.Glass Grades: S-FPL51
    4.Aperture: 102mm / 4.01-Inch
    5.Focal length: 714mm
    6.Aperture ratio: f/7
    7.Resolving capacity: 1.17″
    8.Limit value: 12.1
    9.Light gathering capacity: 212x
    10.Max. Useful magnification: 204x
    11.Tube outer diameter: 121mm
    12.Tube material: Aluminium
    13.Coating: SMC
    1.Type of build: RAP ((rack and pinion)
    2.Connection: 2-inch
    3.Connecting threaded socket: M54*0.75
    4.Ring clamp: Yes
    6.Gear reduction: 1:10 Fine movement
    The packaging includes:
    1.SV503 102F7 ED Astronomical Telescopes OTA
    2.Pair Telescope Tube Ring
    3.2″ -1.25″ Adapter
    4.Dovetail Plate
    5.Lens Cover
    6.1.25″ Dust Cover

    Buyers Show

    Picture 1:
    M81 & M82
    Camera: Canon Ra
    Telescope: SVBONY S503 102F7 ED (714mm)
    Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5
    Filters: L-Pro Enhance Broadband
    Bortle Class 4
    Picture 2:
    Triangulum Galaxy: 100 x 180s
    Camera: Canon Ra
    Telescope: SVBONY S503 102F7 ED (714mm)
    Mount: Skywatcher HEQ5
    Filters: L-Pro Enhance Broadband
    Bortle Class 4


    Imaging telescopes or lenses: SvBony Sv503 AR ED 102/714 f/7
    Imaging cameras: ALccd-QHY 5-III 174m
    Mounts: Skywatcher AZ-GTi
    Software: REGISTAX 6 · ImPPG Impgg · Autostakkert3! AS3! · Sharpcap · Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 PS CC
    Filters: Beloptik ERF 102 · Baader UV/IR Cut 1,25″ · Daystar Instruments Quark h-Alfa Chromosphere
    Accessory: SVBONY SV188P Zenitspiegel 1,25″
    Author:Mathias Böhme

    Imaging telescopes or lenses: Skywatcher Startravel 150
    Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI294MC pro
    Mounts: Vixen SXP2
    Guiding telescopes or lenses: GSO 8x50mm
    Guiding cameras: ZWO ASI 120mm Mini
    Software: Astro Art StellaImage9
    Filters: SVBONY 2″ Sii 7nm Filter · SVBONY 2″ Ha 7nm Filter · SVBONY 2″ Oiii 7nm Filter
    Accessory: ZWO EAF · ZWO AsiAir Pro · Astromania 2″ Field flattener

    🔭 SVBONY SV503 ED 102/710 F7
    📷 QHY168C
    🕶️ SPIANATORE X1 + Filtro L-eNhance
    📡 SW EQ5 PRO GoTo
    📈 Svbony 60/240 + asi224 MC (attiva PHD2)
    🎥 36×300″ – (Gain 12 – 50 Offset)
    🌃 Bortle 8 (Torino)

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